Saturday, April 6, 2013

Designs on the Perfect Galley...

I spent some time on the Teardrop and Tiny Travel Trailer page lurking and looking at all the different galley designs.  After clicking my way through over 500 images, I found some ideas for designing my own. 

I like a couple of elements of this design.  I like the center storage of the cooler/stove and the side table.  That cooler is pretty neat! The latches for the drawers are cool; reminds me of things I would find on a boat.  I guess these things kind of are like land yachts.  One wondering would be where is the table top stored when traveling?

I really like the cooler's slide out drawer and the stove 'table' that is built in to the drawer.  A simple water bottle, like the one in this image is perfect for me.  No 'sink' or water pump required.

This looks almost identical to my layout.  The cooler is the same and it will need to be in the center to accommodate the wheel wells.  It looks like the water jug is on rollers too, which would allow it to pull out for use.

 Another nice cooler tray, dressed up with a door.  I'm not sure I could make this work in my galley.

This just looks cool!  The accent of the stainless steel looks terrific; maybe too terrific for camping?

I really like the pull out drawer of this design (especially love the fold down front!  I am appreciating the power center over on the right side there.  This will be sort of how I need to lay out my power center.

I think this is a commercial design, The Little Guy, if I remember correctly.  I like that the cooler has its spot and that the power outlet is there for use.  I could stow my battery and power center in a cabinet like the one at the left.  I do like having some sort of counter.  This is where I wanted to use my beer cap counter top idea; instead of a back splash, it would be on the counter top.

I like how this table is attached to the side of the trailer.  There are some inexpensive brackets that can be purchased that allow you to do this.  Again, where would it be stored when traveling? 

That's enough dreaming for today.  Time for some rest.

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